Rabbi Jack B. Silver, MSW, Ph.D., Certified Madrikh, Humanistic Life-Cycle Celebrant

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Jack B. Silver
Jack B. Silver
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Humanistic Ceremonies
Humanistic Judaism views the marriage ceremony as a celebration of the mutual commitment of two equal, loyal, and mutually supportive partners. While the presence of  others confers family and community approval and endorsement of that commitment, the couple and their relationship are the center of the celebration. Couples are encouraged to participate in the creation of their own marriage ceremony, choosing among Judaic symbols and writings, which will be used within a non theistic context, and adding their own affirmations, music and poetry.

Interfaith/Intercultural Ceremonies
Jack Silver  will officiate, or co-officiate at intermarriage ceremonies within the context and integrity of the philosophy of Humanistic Judaism.

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Same Gender Weddings
As a Humanist, Rabbi Silver is committed to the belief that each person has the power to decide whom they will marry. He is, therefore, proud to officiate same sex weddings.

Premarital Counseling
Private premarital sessions can be scheduled to discuss Humanistic Jewish history and philosophy, to prepare for issues that are sometimes problematic for intermarried couples and families, and to provide the couple with information about Jewish history, culture and practice.


Rabbi Jack B. Silver is a Madrikh/Vegvayzer certified by the International Institute of Secular Humanistic Judaism. He received rabbinic ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary International.